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Party Themes. Time Machine Party.


It's fun to rediscover old stuff that you've long forgotten. This time capsule party will transport the kids from the present to the past-but it won't happen until the future!

  • Write the party details on a scroll, burn the edges of the paper, roll it up, and tie it with a ribbon. Mail the scrolls in padded envelopes or hand-deliver to the kids.
  • Borrow baby pictures of each guest, photocopy them several times at a copy store, and write the party details on the backs. Mail to guests.
  • For added fun, make a collage of all the guests' baby pictures, and make copies to use as the invitations.

  • Have the kids come dressed as babies or toddlers.
  • Ask the kids to bring something special from the past, such as blankets or teddy bears. Provide pacifier necklaces and decorated juice bottles when the kids arrive.
  • Have the kids come as they may look in the future.

  • Display baby items throughout the party room. Include bottles, diapers, pacifiers. baby equipment, and so on. Borrow items from friends with babies if you don't have the items on hand.
  • Check a poster store for funny baby pictures to hang on the walls, and display baby pictures of the guests.
  • Secretly borrow some old toys from the kids, and feature them on the party table.
  • Enlarge recent pictures of the kids, cut off the heads, and paste the heads onto new bodies. It's fun to select actors and performer, such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Madonna.

GAMES    up
  • Display the kids' baby pictures, and have them try to guess who's who.
  • Find some baby pictures of Hollywood stars, and have the kids try to guess their identities.
  • Put a bunch of baby items into paper bags, and have the kids feel inside the bags to guess the items.
  • Show the kids magazine ads for baby products. Cut out the product names, and have the kids try to guess the products.
  • Hold up each item you've borrowed from guests' homes, and ask the others players to guess to whom the toys belong.

  • Put together a group time capsule. Have the kids decide what should go into the capsule. You might want to include a newspaper, a popular toy, a class picture, a comic book, an article of fad clothing, and so on. Seal the items in a small metal box, and bury it in the backyard. Tell the kids you will all meet in five or ten years, dig up the box, and see what's inside!

FOOD    up
  • Feed the kids mashed up favorites, such as applesauce, pureed fruit, mashed potatoes, and other baby-like food. Serve everything in baby food jars.
  • Let the kids drink from baby bottles, too!

  • Bake a round cake according to package directions; cool.
  • Frost the cake with white frosting.
  • Using frosting tubes, draw the face of a clock, with the numbers and the hands.
  • Use different color frosting for the number that reflects the child's age (if making this cake for a birthday).

FAVORS    up
  • Give the kids baby bottles filled with jelly beans or other treats.
  • Give each kid a diary to keep track of the upcoming year.
  • Hand out scrapbooks so the kids can keep time capsules of their own over the years.

  • Visit a history museum where the kids are likely to see objects from the past.
  • Compare museum items to things from the present, and have the kids project what things might be like in the future.
  • If possible, visit a futuristic museum.

  • Be careful with original photographs. Copy stores can make color copies of precious photographs, so you can borrow the kids' pictures, have copies made, and return them immediately, with little risk of loss.
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