Follow the Leader

Players: 4 or more
Equipment: None
Preparation: Set up a few "hurdles" in uncrowded places
This is a good warmer-upper, and it can be played with any number of players. Be sure to put away breakables beforehand and to point out to the leader the limits of the game—which rooms or parts of the house are out of bounds.

One person is chosen as the leader and the rest of the group must do everything the leader does. It is a good idea to alert the leader beforehand so that he or she can figure out a number of interesting and unusual things to do.

Each player follows the other in a line close behind the leader. If you are in a large area, such as a hall or a gym, the leader can start by making a large circle, and then close in to make a smaller one. Leaders can skip, jump, run or hop or take any other kind of steps. When the circle is small, the leader can unwind it and run in a straight line. The leader can jump over a rope or some hurdles that are set up ahead of time (logs or cartons will do). The leader can do running broad jumps, somersaults and cartwheels.

Almost any activities are fun to do this way. Keep in mind that they should be different from each other and not too hard or too easy for the players.

After this icebreaker, the players will be ready for almost any active game. Depending on the leader, they may be ready for a rest.

This is also a good way to end a party. The leader can pick up papers, carry used dishes out to the kitchen, put on overshoes, and so on, and all the players must follow.

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