Fish Pond

Players: 6 or more - an equal number of boys and girls
Equipment: A string with a pencil or other light weight tied to the end for every set of partners;
A screen (optional)
Preparation: Tie the pencils or the weights to the strings;
Set up the screen, if you have one. In a corner
This pairing-off game is also an icebreaker. Start with the girls hiding behind the screen-or, if you don't have a screen, behind a door that is open a few inches.

One boy is given the string with the pencil tied to it. He throws the string over the screen, and without knowing who has thrown it, a girl on the other side grabs the end. Then she becomes his partner.

Each boy gets a turn until all the girls are out from behind the screen or door.

Next time, the boys hide in the "pond" and the girls fish for them.

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